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May 18th - Presentation from Hearing Dogs for the deaf


Sunday 29th May – Club Run to Great British Car Journey at Ambergate

Depart from the Hanging Gate, Manchester Road, Chapel, SK23 9UH at 10.30am (or a bit later if you order breakfast)

(Note: pub opens at 10am for breakfast)

June 3rd Gawswoth Hall (youngtimers)

(no club stands this year, register

& pay on their website to attend)

June 4th & 5th - Tatton classic car show (contact Mike Coffey to attend)

June 15th - Noggin & Natter 

June 19th - Peaks & Dales Charity Run.

The Hare & Hounds Classic Vehicle Club is now

30 years old. All members can collect a free 30th anniversary book of classic memories at the next meeting or by contacting Jane.



(Click above to download the

digital version of the book)

May magazine
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Drive It Day - start of the run which went to Dagields, Nantwich